The question below appeared in a cram school text book for Japanese students studying English:At first

“So there was Frank, Billy, the author and George. And they all thought George was crazy, but was it because he played Nintendo games?The question below appeared in a cram school text book for Japanese students studying English:At first, Frank, Billy and the author thought George was crazy because he1.) talked to Harvey.2.) played replica Movado 1605508 WoMen's watch Nintendo games.3.) liked tree houses.4.) didn't have any friends.The same text book also name drops Age of Empire, Quake III and StarCraft! On 2 channel, Japan's largest online forum, folks point out that Nintendo was probably name dropped because it's sometimes used to refer to all video games, much in the same way that Coca-Cola often refers to all soft drinks.

Cram schools are quite common in Japan with many students attending them in the late afternoon and evening. After regular school is finished, students attend cram schools to get an edge in class as well as prepare for college entrance exams. "If you're serious about gaming in high definition on a console that's attached to a TV set, then you've probably heard that you need to have a HDMI connection. But just how big a difference replica Movado 1605698 WoMen's watch does this fancy cable make?Technical experts Digital Foundry sought to find out, pitting four HDMI cables — a cheap one, the two official cables sold by Microsoft and Sony and a ludicrously expensive Monster brand — against each other to see which ones gave the best results.

The findings? That in the vast majority of circumstances (excepting very cheap and very long cables) a sub-$2 cable bought over the internet gives as good a signal as the $130 Monster cables. While of course the price differences result in varying degrees of material build — expensive cables will “fit” better and feel sturdier — at the end of the day you're paying for picture signal, not looks or feel, so it's clear the gulf in replica Movado 1603978 WoMen's watch prices just isn't worth it.Some of you will of course already know this, but just in case you don't (or are new to the high definition thing), you're now informed. It's especially handy to know since neither the PS3 or Xbox 360 includes a HDMI cable as standard anymore, so when purchasing your own, do the smart thing and go cheap.

To: CrecenteFrom: BashHope you've recovered from last week

"To: CrecenteFrom: BashHope you've recovered from last week!What you missed last nightStar Fox, Paper Mario & Mario Kart Are All Lookin' Good On The 3DSSchool Text Book Disses NintendoBut Which HDMI Cable To Buy For My Console?Report: Your Uncharted Movie Nightmares Are Coming TrueAren't You A Little Short For replica Movado 604875 WoMen's watch A 3DS Cable?”Inazuma Eleven, the soccer role-playing series, is getting a new entry, and yep, it's in 3D.Inazuma Eleven 4 was teased as early as last summer, but the trailer shown at the Nintendo World event this weekend in Tokyo sheds more light on the title.

The game is set ten years after Inazuma Eleven 3 and features a new hero and team of players and their hairstyles.The franchise is quite popular with grade schoolers in Japan, where it has spawned an and manga.Inazuma Eleven 4 Trailer Kicks Into Action [Siliconera]”Make that three-dee knuckle sandwiches. Because it's really starting to look that way.The handheld isn't even out yet, and two big fighter franchises are already replica Movado 1604446 WoMen's watch slated for 3DS releases: Super Street Fighter IV: 3D and Dead or Alive: Dimensions.Now, arcade favorite BlazBlue is also heading to the 3DS, as BlazBlue Continuum Shift II will be released on the upcoming portable this spring in Japan. No word on a Western release.Back in 2008, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger was released in Japanese arcades, but later ported to home and portable consoles as well as PCs.

Check out Kotaku's review of the first Continuum Shift title.Nintendo World 2011 8-10 Jan [Update: neoGAF geekin' out to quality game music] [NeoGAF via GoNintendo via Dtoid]”It's funny, we got so used to seeing DS games for so long that it started to feel like all Nintendo handheld games for all time would look like N64 games. That's replica Movado 1605121 WoMen's watch certainly not the case.This off-screen footage, taken over the weekend at the Nintendo World event in Tokyo, shows three of the 3DS' biggest games in action. Mario Kart is looking like the portable Double Dash many were hoping for (at least in terms of visuals), Star Fox looks fine and Paper Mario looks amazing.Sadly, none of these will be the 3DS' Japanese launch in February. Patience is a virtue, Nintendo fans.

A Microsoft spokesman declined to say if there were any current big titles

A Microsoft spokesman declined to say if there were any current big titles, games like Gears of War 3 or Mass Effect 3, that are working with the new technology. But he added that it was being made available to developers.On the mammoth replica Movado 604772 WoMen's watch show floor there was also plenty to look at from an iPad stand that doubles as a mini arcade cabinet to surprise look at the upcoming Portal 2 in 3D played with magnetic motion controllers.The neatest thing I looked at was Razer's Switchblade prototype.

The book-sized, touch-screen gaming PC includes a keyboard with keys that can each display letters or separate images that can change on the fly.Razer president Robert Krakoff says he's not even sure he can produce the device yet, but it was already getting quite a bit of buzz, including a bit from game developer and publisher Valve.The best way to sell a device like the Switchblade, Krakoff seemed to agree, was to partner with replica Movado 604844 WoMen's watch a big publisher, like Valve, which has it's own online digital gaming store. Imagine a gaming PC that is always connected to Valve's store so it can be loaded with the latest games on the fly and played just about anywhere.

While the device has a touchscreen and that fancy keyboard, it also has the ability to accept a wireless or wired mouse and includes two built-in batteries for what Krakoff hopes will be a chunky battery life.With the year just kicking off, we expect to see plenty more of things like emotive avatars and Razer's tiny gaming rig at the replica Movado 604866 WoMen's watch Game Developers Conference and E3.Well Played is a weekly news and opinion column about the big stories of the week in the gaming industry and its bigger impact on things to come. Feel free to join in the discussion."

3D televisions made a return appearance at this year's show

3D televisions made a return appearance at this year's show, for instance, as did transforming cars, robot pitchmen and networked televisions.But for those strictly interested in gaming, the innovations, while eyebrow-raising, were few replica Movado 0605254 WoMen's watch and far between.Sony president Sir Howard Stringer kicked off the show, which drew about 140,000 people from around the world to Las Vegas, with a walk through of his company's big push: 3D. The presentation, which wrapped up with a short performance of Cirque du Soleil's Viva Elvis, seemed mostly fixated on 3D.

They showed off cameras and camcorders that can capture and display in 3D and 3D televisions.Gaming's one moment during the show gave us a look at Music Unlimited, a service that can take your music library and stream it to your Playstation 3.Later that night, head of Microsoft Steve Ballmer walked attendees through their three big pushes: computers, Windows Phone 7 and the Xbox 360.The company talked about their replica Movado 0605467 WoMen's watch continued push for Windows Phone 7, showing off both a Fable-themed golf game and a retro Game Room for the device.They also gave a first look at Avatar Kinect, a virtual Xbox 360 chat room that will use the console's Kinect camera array to capture a person's facial expressions and display them on a cartoon avatar during live chats.

While this first use of the technology seems a bit silly, the future potential of a console that can watch your face and see your expressions is staggering. Developers could, perhaps, use the information to tweak how a game delivers its performance replica Movado 604737 WoMen's watch live, allowing its virtual actors to reply on the same sort of feedback theater actors have relied upon for hundreds of years.Multiplayer games could add a new facet of communication, letting players' in-game characters show on their faces the look of surprise when they're caught off guard, or the look of delight when they catch someone else by surprise.


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